Week # Date Tentative Topics Assigned Readings Suggested Material
Week 1 1/20 Preparing for SEM, Intro to Mplus Syntax, & Basic Trouble-Shooting Review Kline Chapters 1-4  See Basic Stat Primers in Google Drive (GD)
Week 2 1/27 Path Analysis, Fit Indices, & Reporting SEM Kline Chapters 6, 7, & 12

Jackson et al. (2009). Reporting practices in confirmatory factor analysis: an overview and some recommendations. Psychological Methods, 14, 6-23.

 See topics in GD
Week 3 2/3 Review of Factor Analysis & Intro to ESEM Kline Chapter 9

Marsh, H.W., et al. (2009). Exploratory structural equation modeling, integrating CFA and EFA: Application to students’ evaluations of university teaching. Structural Equation Modeling, 16, 439-476 .

 See topics in GD
Week 4 2/10 Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Multitrait-Multimethod Models, & Equivalent Models Kline Chapters 10 & 13

Hershberger, S. L., & Marcoulides, G. A. (2013). Chapter 2: The problem of equivalent models. In G. R. Hancock & R. O. Mueller (Eds.) Structural equation modeling: a second course (2nd edition). NY: Guilford.

See topics in GD


Week 5 2/17 Missing Data, Data Types & Estimators

Due: Data Analysis I

Enders, C. K. (2010), Chapter 3: An introduction to maximum likelihood estimation. In C. K. Enders (Ed). Applied missing data analysis (pp. 56-85)New York, NY: Guilford.  See topics in GD
Week 6 2/24 Fooling Yourself with SEM Kline (2015) Chapters 18

Kline (2005) Chapter 12

 See topics in GD;

review CH 4 Kline (2015)

Week 7 3/2 Measurement Invariance (Group-based CFA) Kline Chapter 16

additional article TBA

 See topics in GD
Week 8 3/9 Open Class Topics additional readings TBA  See topics in GD
Week 9 3/16 No Class Meeting

Submit Data Analysis Project II

Week 10 3/23 Spring Break
Week 11 3/30 Individual Meetings TBA
Week 12 4/6 Latent Growth Curve Modeling TBA  See topics in GD
Week 13 4/13 Longitudinal Invariance TBA  See topics in GD
Week 14 4/20 Mixture Modeling (Latent Class Analysis vs. Latent Profile Analysis; Factor Mixture Analysis; Growth Mixture Modeling) TBA  See topics in GD
Week 15 4/27 Small Sample Modeling TBA  See topics in GD
Week 16 5/4 Data Project III Presentations TBA  See topics in GD
Week 17 5/11 Data Project III Write-up Due