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See my peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters in the area of exercise, technology, & cognitive neuroscience below.

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Book Chapters

  1. Mullen, S. P., Cohen, J., & Palac, D. (accepted). Physical activity and sedentary behavior. In S. R. Waldstein, M. F. Muldoon, J. M. Satterfield, D. H. Novack, & S. Cole (Eds.), Behavioral and social science in medicine: Principles and practice of biopsychosocial care. NY: Springer.
  2. McAuley, E., Mullen, S. P., & Fanning, J. (in press). Promoting physical activity behavior: interventions and mediators. In E. Fisher, L. Cameron, A, Christensen, U. Ehlert, B. Oldenburg, & F. Snoek (Eds.), Principles and concepts of behavioral medicine: A global handbook. NY: Springer.
  3. Mullen, S. P., Palac, D., Bryant, C. (2016). Maps to apps: Evaluation of wayfinding technology. In R. Hunter, L. Anderson, B. Belza, & S. Hooker (Eds.). Community wayfinding: Pathways to understanding. NY: Springer
  4. McAuley, E., Mullen, S. P., & Hillman, C. H. (2013). Physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness, and cognition across the lifespan. In P. A. Hall (Ed.), Social neuroscience and public health: foundations of an emerging discipline. NY: Springer.

Articles in preparation

  1. Mullen, S. P., Cohen, J., Augustinas, S., Copeland, G., & Wong, B. Mild heat stress, exercise, & cognition: a review. Biomed Research International.
  2. Mullen, S. P., Cohen, J., Bullard, T., Palac, D., Erickson, K., Bherer, L., Kramer, A. F, & McAuley, E. CORTEX: A randomized controlled trial to test cognitive training effects on 4-mo exercise adherence.
  3. Mullen, S. P., Bullard, T., Palac, D., Cohen, J., Wilund, K., & Wong, B. Primary outcomes from the heat and aerobic training (HEAT) study: a randomized controlled pilot trial.
  4. Mullen, S. P., Schroyer, R., & Whaley, D. E. Sources of competence information used by adult exercisers: a multistudy report.
  5. Mullen, S. P., McAuley, E., & Motl, R. Symptomology profiles and predictors of change for adults with relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis across 30 months.

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